Google condamned, boomerang on CNIL's website

It's not every day you see such a message on the homepage of Google!


The Restricted National Commission on Computer and Freedom has condemned the Google company 150,000 euros fine for breaches of the law « informatique et libertés » (computer and freedom).
You can read this statement at the following address:

So at the time we are writing this, if you click on the link, you get a 404 error. The same with their homepage. Maybe the “CNIL” site was saturated by the number of connections and had not expected so many visits from Google?
erreur cnil

The problem? This is the privacy policy of Google's early 2012 together in one all confidentiality rules for services that were previously separate (eg Google+, Gmail, Adwords, Analytics etc …). CNIL asked Google to define such a term data retention and seek the agreement of users before installing cookies for advertising tracking.

The announcement is expected to remain 48 hours on the home page by this judgement.

Note that Google was also ordered to pay a fine of € 150,000 (the maximum fine set by the CNIL), in other words a “drop” for the group that was a quarterly sales last year of nearly 14 billion $!