At Abdomain we love WordPress for several reasons. First because it is not limited to the publication of blogs but can build beautiful sites and also ecommerce shops with the WooCommerce extension. Secondly, for the simplicity of its back office and multi-user management. And finally, for its numerous plugins, and ability to be easily original in matter of wedesign and ergonomy.



A little history about WordPress

The beginnings of WordPress from 2003. This is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP free and based on a MySQL database.
It was often used to make blogs but its capabilities also enable it to handle any kind of website.

It is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL
(source: Wikipedia)

In 2014, was published WordPress 3.8. followed quickly by WordPress 3.9

The different versions of WordPress are tribute to great jazz musicians, or singers:

In April 2015, WordPress published  4.2 called « Bud Powell ».

August  2015  is  4.3 aka « Billie Holiday »

Decembre 2015 this is « Clifford Brown » or 4.4.

Then « Coleman Hawkins » on  april 2016 with 4.5 and then version 4.6 Pepper out in  August 2016.

At Abdomain we help you take your WordPress version up to date, and your plugins and themes installed. You already have a WordPress website? Do not hesitate to contact us for our Webmastering services. Your website is down? We also offer troubleshooting on WordPress sites.


Official website: http://www.wordpress.org/

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